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Daily 0.5 km, 1 km and 5 km resolution Greenland, Arctic Canada and Iceland glaciated area albedo grids are available beginning April 2000 and (currently ending) October, 2017. The data are based on NASA MOD10A1 Collection 6 data with de-noising, gap filling and bias correction after Box et al. (2017).
When the solar illumination is inadequate for an accurate MODIS retrieval in winter months (January, February, November, December), April values are swapped in. All days of the year and all non-ocean pixels have an albedo value.

The grids are available here at 5 km resolution for Greenland and north-eastern-most Arctic Canada. However, data covering the entire Canadian Arctic and Iceland area also available. Data at the native 500 m resolution and 1 km resolution are available on request from

The data are distributed in NetCDF format and contain latitude, longitude, land mask. The map projection is Polar Sterographic.

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